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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 10, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, high alert. drivers on edge. a possible serial sniper taking aim. another incident under investigation. the new warning from authorities. breaking overnight, nearly 100,000 people forced to evacuate. homes floating down walls of water and massive landslides as well. wiping out neighborhoods. the incredible images coming in right now. under investigation, a young boy in an ambulance on his way to the hospital. the paramedic caught texting behind the wheel. sailing away directly into a waterspout. well, good thursday morning. it could be a tense commute for drivers in the phoenix area. >> police are investigating the possibility of a serial shooter.
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ten incidents, all of this along an eight-mile stretch of highway. abc's brandi hitt with the latest. >> reporter: phoenix is a city on edge. the driver of this white pickup truck the latest hit with a projectile along interstate 10. his back right window shattered. officials are now investigating this case along with ten other incidents just in the last 11 days. >> that's terrorism. they're trying to frighten or kill somebody. >> reporter: the shooting spree started august 29th along this short eight-mile span of i-10, the major thoroughfare through phoenix, arizona. on tuesday this off-duty police sergeant's window was struck. this box truck also hit. before that, a bullet went through this windshield injuring a 13-year-old girl and this tour bus was also targeted. >> i heard a loud bang. it startled me. >> reporter: a bullet hit a seat narrowly missing the bus driver who luckily was the only one on board. >> the person almost took me
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away from my family. >> i don't know if this is a copycat crime, multiple people. there is no pattern for time. different days of the week, different hours of the day. >> reporter: luckily no one has been seriously hurt or killed in any of these shootings. the fbi and atf have also joined the investigation. reena and kendis. >> thank you very much, brandi. a breaking story overseas. stunning images from japan that show a home being washed away from floodwaters as aiming storms pound an area north of tokyo for the second day. you can actually see a man clinging to a pole. >> you can right in the middle and rescuers say they can't keep up with the pleas for help after a river broke through a dam sending water flooding into a city below. one woman was missing hours after a landslide hit houses at the foot of a steep hill. well, turning to the weather here, new tropical storm forming in the atlantic overnight. henri is east of bermuda and poses no threat to land. >> right now the storms are
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starting to take shape on the east coast. take a look at the radar, drenching downpours expected up and down the eastern seaboard, the rain will erase the heat and humidity that's been in place since labor day. to washington and that nuclear deal with iran, high-profile opponents rallied on the steps of capitol hill even as they faced almost certain defeat. strange bedfellows in washington as donald trump and ted cruz join forces to denounce the iran nuclear deal. >> i've been doing deals for a long time. i've been making lots of wonderful deal, great deals. that's what i do. never ever ever in my life have i seen any transaction so incompetently negotiated as our deal with iran. and i mean never. >> this iranian nuclear deal is catastrophic catastrophic. it is the single greatest national security threat facing america.
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>> sarah palin also taking the stage. >> let's bring some sanity to this discussion about this insane treaty. >> inside the capitol lawmakers debating it but it's all theater. the white house has enough votes in support of it to. hillary clinton also weighing in with her support. >> the bottom line is that it accomplishes the major goals we set out to achieve. it blocks every pathway for iran to get a bomb. and it gives us better tools for verification and inspection and to compel rigorous compliance. >> but clinton stressed if elected president and iran attempts to obtain a nuclear weapon military action would be an option. >> my approach will be distrust and verify. >> congress has until september 17th to vote on the nuclear agreement. vice president joe biden says the u.s. plans to meet with
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israeli leaders to discuss how israel can maintain its military advantage in the middle east. there is growing concern among american jews over the iran nuclear deal. the dramatic new video of the moment fire erupted on that british air jumbo jet in las vegas. one passenger recording the takeoff capturing the flames and thick black smoke that followed some kind of explosion. the captain came out of the cockpit we're told and ordered an immediate evacuation. passengers and crew fled down the emergency chutes and away from the burning aircraft. abc's matt gutman spoke with some of the passengers. >> reporter: and what did you see when you looked to your left? >> the whole engine on fire. >> almost like a river of fire coming at the ramp. >> the fire burning through the fuselage including part of the cargo hold in a matter of minutes. the crew being credited this morning with saving lives. a warning to executives on wall street. you're under new scrutiny from the justice department announcing it is prioritizing
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the prosecution of individual employees. not just the big companies that they work for. it's the first major change made by attorney general loretta lynch since she took office in april. kentucky clerk kim davis will be back at work on monday after spending six days behind bars. davis used part of her first day of freedom to read letters from hundreds of people who support her refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. her deputy clerk says that he will continue to issue licenses to same-sex couples even if she orders him to stop doing so. well, tickets to a mass by pope francis in philadelphia have gone with amazing speed. the church in philly says 10,000 tickets to the pontiff's sunday mass on september 27th were claimed in just 30 seconds and just six minutes later some already posted on ebay. thousands of tickets to other papal events were also snapped up in minutes. well, a visit to a michigan college hit home for president obama.
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he got a little nostalgic when talking about his daughter malia. >> just yesterday malia started her first day of senior year. she puts on her head on my shoulder and says, daddy, you realize this is probably the last time you ever send me off for my first day of school and i -- i started -- i had to look away. i didn't what to just be such a cry baby. >> a cry baby. well, there's reason to be but it's not the last day because hopefully she'll be going to college next year and the president went on to say he was freaked out that he and michele will soon have a child in college. i'm not sure freaked out emotionally or the bill he's probably going to get. >> i'm sure he can afford it but, man, it does creep up really quickly. i remember he said, hey, you're going to get a dog. >> or when he said he just paid off his college education.
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ahead, apple's big reveal. iphones, ipads and more. >> slammed to the ground. former tennis pro with cuts and bruises after a case of mistaken identity. an ambulance with a young patient and a paramedic driving while on his phone?
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investors didn't seem too pleased when they heard -- from what they heard during apple's big media event. shares dropping in this is despite at that event they rolled out new and improved products as well as a number of upgrades. abc's neal karlinsky in san francisco.
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>> reporter: rarely has apple unleashed so many new products at once but it was the new apple tv ceo tim cook seemed most excited about. >> the television experience has been virtually standing still. today we are going to do something about that. >> reporter: the new black box puts games and other apps on your television and a new way of searching, just your voice. show me arnold schwarzenegger movies. look at that. it works. you can call up a grid of every baseball game being played, go directly to any game or see stats as you watch. there's also the ipad pro, their biggest ever. the new iphones include what they call 3d touch, the phone senses how hard you press to bring up other options. none of these gadgets are cheap which is why a slew of websites and big box stores are anxious to buy your old phones for a used iphone 6 in good condition
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we found websites gazelle and glyde offering anywhere from 280 to $485. of all the big announcements the one thing that people consistently say they want the most, never materialized here. longer battery life for their phones. neal karlinsky, abc news, san francisco. >> that will be next year's upgrade. >> i just wish that the plugs would stay the same. drives me mutts >> that's how they make money. by the way, the new iphones will go on sale later on this month. when we come back, swallowed up. a drone capturing a moment that a majestic waterfall turns dangerous. what it feels like to sail directly into a waterspout. bleeding gums? you may think it's a result of brushing too hard. it's not. it's a sign of early gum disease... which you can help reverse by using listerine(r). added to your brushing routine...
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did you know that good nutrition is critical for brain health? brain food, hmmm. ensure has b vitamins that help support brain health - now that's smart nutrition. ensure's complete balanced nutrition has 26 vitamins and minerals and 9 grams of protein. ensure. take life in. a sudden and powerful rainstorm set off flash flooding in parts of new york city swamping this neighborhood. streets turned to rivers, trapping drivers in their cars. neighbors blame poor drainage and with heavy rain in the forecast all of this could happen again today. rain could make trouble for the morning commute. not just in new york but from texas through new england from kansas to michigan and also across the southwest. all right, hang in there if you're flying. airport delays expected houston, charlotte, kansas city, washington, d.c., philadelphia, new york and boston. also this morning, former tennis star james blake is demanding an apology this
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morning from new york nypd. over an apparent case of mistaken identity. blake says he was thrown to the ground handcuffed and detained by five officers outside a hotel yesterday. >> yeah, police had mistaken him for a suspect in a cell phone purchasing scam. once he was identified some 15 minutes later and found to have nothing to do with the case, blake was released. >> it shouldn't have happened and it's something that we'll deal with with the police and find out what they have to say internal internalally and, you know, hopefully there was -- there's video of it and people can see what happened. >> and new this morning new york police have placed one officer on modified assignment after reviewing surveillance video of the incident. an internal affairs investigation is under way. well, a tragic story out of michigan. a firefighter killed by a hit-and-run driver while collecting money for a charity at a busy intersection. police say 35-year-old dennis roadman was intentionally hit by the driver who was arrested a few miles away and is now
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expected to face murder charges. the head of philadelphia's fire department is promising action against a paramedic caught using his phone behind the wheel. this video was shot by a mother whose son was being taken to a hospital. she claims the driver of the ambulance never put down his phone during the whole trip. even surfing the web. the fire commissioner says that driver will be disciplined. a dramatic close call for a group of hikers in hawaii. it was all caught on camera by a drone. they were recording themselves jumping into a waterfall when things took a scary turn. you can see one man right there at the top when a flash flood suddenly hit swallowing him into 30-foot drop. his friends, they thought he was dead but somehow he managed to surface moments later unharmed. >> dramatic indeed. now to another survival story against a force of nature. video. a man sailing right through a waterspout off of louisiana, despite the powerful winds and rough waves as you saw he
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managed to get it all on camera and then posting on instagram. everyone on board doing okay this morning. hallelujah. the nfl season kicks off tonight with the super bowl champion patriots hosting the pittsburgh steelers, oh, and after all that tom brady is going to play. >> we'll kick it off with baseball highlights and get those from espn. >> good morning, welcome to our "sportscenter" set here in los angeles. he's neil, i'm stan. september means pennant races. >> and also october is next. let's check out the mets and nationals. degrom has great hair, stephen strasburg on his game and harper hit two home runs. for time purposes we'll only show you one. and the night before pinch hit home run by the mets when they were way down, pinch hit home run by the mets when they were one down and not one down anymore. kelly johnson pinch hit homer ties it up and bottom of eighth
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mets have taken a lead. after harper homered again, make sure that the mets hold on and beat the nationals again. blue jays and red sox. jays up a game and a half on the yankees in the a.l. east. checking on the red sox, boston not going to the playoffs. so they're just celebrating david ortiz down the stretch chasing 500 homers and that's number 498. three-run shot, 4-0, red sox. top of the fifth. kelly in a jam. he's got runners on second and third, two outs, full count. jose bautista. joey bats, leaves it on his shoulder and he's out, kelly 5 2/3, 6 hits. new york unable to capitalize and shrink that lead a little bit. >> did you get that? >> back to you. >> thanks. i've been enjoying highlights as a nationals fan, the mets going for the sweep. boy. >> sorry.
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it helps protect clothes from the damage of the wash. so your favorite clothes stay your favorite clothes. downy fabric conditioner. wash in the wow. it's that time to check "the pulse" and starting with the latest star sightings at the u.s. open. upstaging the action, you might say, on the court. >> buddies jimmy fallon and justin timberlake put on an impromptu show. some of their best moves beyonce's single ladies came on during the break. >> even john mcenroe enjoyed it saying they make a good doubles couple. >> i bet they would make a good dumbs team. >> not bad. that was during the commercial break.
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it was very funny. a new edition of the guinness book of world records being published. >> it includes a great collection of the weird and wonderful. this chinese couple now holds the record for the tallest married couple. he's 7'8". she is 6'1". how about this guy bernie the turtle, fastest tortoise, 0.6 miles per hour, twice as fast as the average tortoise and way faster than i am when i'm running. >> exactly. not bad. good for him. the largest hot dog cart can be found in missouri, it's 12 feet high and 23 foot long. i'm not sure why you need that. >> a man from venezuela holds the record for largest feet. he wears a size 26 shoe. >> wow. >> actually his foot is a foot and 3 inches long. pretty impressive. attention all you lovers of roller coasters.
4:24 am
might want to visit cedar point. take a look. computer animation actually of what designers say will be the park's new roller coaster. it's being billed as the tallest, fastest and longest dive coaster in the world. >> dive coasters are said to give riders a moment of free falling and get this. it has a 90-degree drop. why on earth would anyone want to get into this. if you are, apparently it will be ready to roll next season. do animals do things just just for fun? we're pretty sure they do. a pod of them, 30 sea creatures weighing to catch a wave and leap into the air. >> amazing sight caught by a drone camera in western australia. >> gorgeous. >> pretty cool. for some of you local news is next. i hate cleaning the gutters. have you touched the stuff? it's evil. and ladders. sfx: [screams]
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checking our top story, a tense commute for thousands of drivers in phoenix as police shooter. there have been ten recent incidents on busy roadways. investigators in las vegas trying to determine what caused a fire on a british air jetliner just before takeoff. the engine apparently exploded sending flames into the body of the plane. and a new visitor center being constructed at the flight 93 memorial opens to the public in pennsylvania today. one day before ceremonies marking 9/11. the time lapse video was recorded during 1800 days of work at the site. take a look at today's weather. cooler with heavy rain in the northeast and thunderstorms along the gulf coast. and finally a major milestone for a firefighter, you'll surely remember, the fresno fire captain who took the most dangerous task for his squad. climbing on to a burning roof then collapsing into the flames. >> that was 5 1/2 months ago.
4:28 am
this morning, he's finally home. abc's david muir with his story. >> reporter: captain venting the roof. and the screams, the people yelling save him. >> get him out! >> reporter: firefighters ripping down the garage door to get him out, racing him to the hospital. in critical condition at first and prayers ever since from that firehouse. >> a leader and a good man. >> the first word that comes to mind is motivated. >> reporter: we have followed his motivation every step of the way, a determined father and husband. >> two, three, up. >> reporter: this was captain pete 105 days later walking again, his wife on the left, his daughter on the right. every step in that hallway celebrated. >> close your eyes. no cheating. >> reporter: his wife thanking the firefighters who have done shifts to make sure there is always someone there with him. >> thank you, guys. >> reporter: look at this,
4:29 am
captain pete ready to leave. 165 days, 5 1/2 months, 50 nurses, 7 doctors helping to treat him, thanking his team. >> i just appreciate all your work. >> reporter: and the message from his fellow firefighters. >> all: welcome home, pete. >> reporter: welcome home, captain pete. david muir, abc news, new york. >> amazing to see his recovery. but he still has a long road ahead. he has to go to the hospital at least twice a week to continue his therapy for at least the next two years. >> 60% of his body burned and what a remarkable story and how he made it out. >> and a remarkable recovery. again. >> that's what's making news in america this morning. "good morning america."


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